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Modular Homes and Custom Construction in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania

Construction work is what we do best at our construction company. Olszewski Construction in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, is the service to call for all your modular home and custom construction projects.
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New Modular Homes

With one call, we will do it all, providing you with a new modular home construction. Let us handle every aspect of your construction, from start to finish. Your fantasies or home ownership are realized as we clear the land, prepare the site, build the foundation, establish utility hookups, and finally, construct your dream come true.
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So what exactly does hard demolition refer to? This is the removal of heavy structural elements made of materials such as brick, block, or concrete, as well as structural steel framing. Each demolition project needs to be approached individually. When planning out the demolition process, we take ... Read more

Custom Construction

Are you staying put in your existing home? Ask us about our deck, patio, porch, and gazebo construction services, as we transform your living space into your personal paradise.
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